This is the hardest thing I will have done since Australian Survivor


So just to be clear, there are no hand-outs, no bubble baths, no secret bed off camera ... no nothing. It is impossible to fully prepare for the extent of starvation, muscle breakdown, sleep deprivation and psychological demise of Survivor. You heard it here, Survivor is absolutely the real deal.

The video below has been buried for 15 years. It shows highlights from start to finish (of me) in the 2002 series. Most of what I say is muted with music overlay and this is good because I am certain it is utter rubbish. But why dig up the Survivor archives now?

This is a compilation of Katie Gold in the first season of Survivor Australia (2002) televised on Channel 9. Many thanks to the late and lovely Rob Dickson who put this together for me at the time. I will always be so sorry that you left us much too soon.

After all this time the archives are quite amusing, but the real purpose is very, very compelling. Lynette and Steve Waugh have established a cause so worthy, it is impossible not to feel deep compassion and I want to draw attention to the cause and to help raise money.

This November, I join The Captain's Ride covering 850km and 10,000 vertical metres over five-days to support children living with rare disease. The ride will easily be the most onerous thing I will have done since Survivor. 

Please click banner to make a donation.

Please click banner to make a donation.

If you are possibly in a position to make a donation, I will be extremely grateful. Anyone who donates is eligible to ask me anything about Survivor. Even if you hate it and have no interest, someone you know will, so buy them a surprise pass to have their question answered or just make a straight-out donation!!
Question examples:

  • How did you get into Survivor? I submitted a video to Channel 9. They chose 250 short list from 10,000 and took it down to 16 after a seven-day intensive selection process.
  • How much weight did you lose? 11 kilos


400,000 darling Australian children spend much of their dear little lives not playing but in hospital, isolated from able bodied kids and extremely unwell. The diseases are so far off the map, there is minimal money put into research and the children permanently need highly specialised treatment, customised equipment and very costly aids that most kids and their parents will fortunately never need to entertain.


  • $1,800 p/a pays for swimming lessons
  • $2,000 buys a body splint
  • $5,500 buys a customised chair
  • $6,000 p/a pays for special medication
  • $9,000 buys a standing frame
  • $10,000 buys a cough assist machine
  • $15,000 buys a stair lift or climber
  • $20-40,000 helps with home modifications
  • $36- 48,000 buys a power stand up wheelchair
  • $40,000 covers one respite camp
  • $50,000 buys a robotic arm


I was interviewed a few weeks ago by Survivor aficionado, Ben Waterworth to comment on the current Channel Ten series, talk about the series I did and testify that I would do it again if there was an 'All-Star' format. There is a prize to be won and a good chunk of money on the line. I believe doing Survivor at 40 years-old has many advantages (I was 24 in the original series).

A big and sincere thank you to everyone who has so generously sponsored me for The Captain's Ride !! 

I still am yet to make the fund raising target and would be soooo grateful for your kind donation at my dedicated donations page!

Thanks so much!

Katie xx

Katie Gold - Principal


**With many thanks, these Australian Survivor (2002) images and video were provided to me in 2002 by Channel Nine's dedicated talent agency with permission to use for promotional purposes.