I don't do lunch, I don't do drinks, I do business!

We are making ourselves tired, old and sick. Alcohol, coffee, poor nutrition and little to no exercise is business-as-usual right? No, wrong. We need a more profitable way to do business.

A decade ago, I invited an extremely busy and successful businessman to lunch with an important client of ours and his reply really stuck with me, "Katie, I don't do lunch, I don't do morning tea, I do business."

He made me question whether these corporate rituals were effective practice. 

Put simply, there should be more meetings with sneakers on. We must challenge convention and create routine business interactions that contribute to physical and mental health rather than pathology. 


If each week we scheduled a handful of 'power' meetings; a green juice and two laps of The Tan or a stairs session at Circular Quay, we would achieve on so many levels. Reserving exercise, bathhouses and walks along the beach for when we have time, affords us no chance of a passable health regime, especially where business travel is concerned.

When I travel, one of my meetings is always in the hotel gym, local pool or a light jog around town. We have our discussion on the treadmill, then the rower, finish with abs. Packing health bars, trail mix and protein powder is also a good tactic to keep nutrition tidy while travelling.

Incorporating healthy practice into our business dealings is simply a matter of making it happen … and it does work! Naturally, physical fitness and capability may differ, but it is easy to adjust the activity to suit. 

If there is a pressing organisational desire for something more structured, get in touch with world-renowned corporate wellness and peak performance organisation, Global Corporate Challenge. Since 2003, Melbourne's own GCC have been devoted to their mission “get the world moving” and they have proof it pays off. With 41% reduced absenteeism and 54% higher job satisfaction reported by participants on the GCC program, corporate health has many benefits.*

Call them power meetings or what you will, the discussion is always invigorated, decisions are made and the physical endeavour mutually satisfying.

Kind regards


Katie Gold

If your organisation would benefit from an injection of energy and a different perspective, please feel welcome to contact us today.

* Source: https://www.gettheworldmoving.com/proof-it-works (last accessed 4 September 2015)